The A File

The photographers and work I love, hate and not sure of
These is from my not book of the week. And yes I am watch Hollyoaks and I'm hating it.
Day 1.
Came to Perpinyan , went to the Post ate chips and met Kent (who is a good guy) he wrote in my book. I when to the beach with Sue and Dad it was cool and I swam and ate coconut ice cream.
Day 2.
I went to the exhibishions I liked: Eugene Richards work and I met him he is so lovely and work is so strong and shoking once you work out you think 'God'. I love his early work too. And he wrote in my book too.
David Bernett his work is great the lighting is great and it is strong. He wrote in my book too.
Stanley Greene I like his work very much it is an inside of America in the 1980's. He wrote 'Auburt be safe in like.' I love it and so cool.
Viktor Drachey It was one of our favorites it was comical we thought it was refeshing to see, so different to some of the work there. Sadly he dosen't speak very much English but he was lovely!
Steve McCurry work is so vibrant and nice. It is strong and the lighting is great.
Callie Shell work is beautiful the lighting was great and framing is great. I like the picture of Obama and the shoes and it has his book in there its great.
Massimo Berruti his work is fantasticly brilliant, the lighting is great, so is the framing and it is so strong. He was really nice and wrote in my book.
I disliked Alexandra Avakian's work at first but it's grown on me and now I love it the lighting is great and it is so powerful.
I didn't like Brenda Ann Kennrally's work at all but what do I know I'm only 15 and shes won two awards anyway...
Later on I went to the screenings full of funness I love it, I took Nyaba Ouedtaogo's picture he was lovely.
Day 3.
I saw Walter Astrada's work which I loved it was so powerful. I wanted to go to his talk but we left our ID. I also saw Abbas' work which I loved. I loved who the gallery was layed out.
Zuami work and the Humanitan award i loved it competly it was all so strong.
I saw Miquel Dewever-Plana work was great and I liked Francois Le Diascorn's work but Dad didn't he said it was an unfinished story.
Day 4.
Dad broke his noise so I missed exhibishions and stuff. I then up set Jean Francois because he said "have you seen any good exhibishions" and so I said " No because..." and he walked off so I kinda upset him.
Day 5.
I saw Philip Blenkinsop who is the most amazing guy I know at the moment, I gave his a sticker because he killed his eye he wrote the most lovely work in my book. And Kabirdin I wanted to ask him really bad jokes but I didn't lukily he is such a cool guy.
And I met Stanly Greene how is great and called me Auburt.
Day 6.
I went to Callie Shell's talk which was great and funny and she wrote in my book. Them we saw Abba's I asked him if he was scared he said "Phicical courage shows a lack of imagionashion." he was cool.
Then it was the Getty Images Grant which was intessting I liked some of it and I loved Ed Ou work!
Day 7.
I went to Eugene Richards talk which was great. And opened my eyes alot. He signed my books.
Yep and that was my jam packed week in Perpinyana I would say more but I'm so tired from the late nights.

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  1. You were right to like François Le Diascorn's photos of America which are extraordinary and now are in a book of the same title as the show ONLY IN AMERICA! He is one of the great living photographers. Sorry, Dad was wrong about it being an "unfinished story."!!!



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